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Eucalyptus Bedding

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No More Tossing & Turning

Get comfy, stay comfy. Eucalyptus is an expert in regulating your body temperature throughout the night and across all seasons.

We even put a commanding mustache on this pillow so you understand the metaphor... wait is that how metaphors work?

Bedder for the Planet

Our sustainably made, renewably sourced USDA BioPreferred® Eucalyptus Lyocell uses up to 96% less water than cotton, no pesticides, and biodegrades quickly and completely.

In the last 3 years thanks to your support, we've also donated over $100,000 to causes like wildlife conservation. Because we saw all those trees burning outside our office window and thought... somebody ought to do... something?

Cleaner Than Cotton

Our Eucalyptus sheets are dermatologist-recommended for sensitive skin and hair. They’re hypoallergenic, zero static, and don’t attract dust, dirt, or pet hair.

Because they’re naturally antimicrobial, they stay fresher, longer. Like Ryan's one-liners, they never get old. Well...

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Ryan Sent You Here for a Reason

(We paid him... with money.)

But actually, like Ryan and his cat know, our eucalyptus sheets are softer than silk, keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, and are sustainable to boot.

If you're a long-time fan of Ryan's and have been wondering, "Hey, I wonder what those dang sheets are all about," well, stop wondering that because we've now told you.

Well if he's in, I'm in

Learn Some Sheet

What makes Eucalyptus so special?

Softness: perfectly cylindrical filaments create lower surface friction than even the highest-thread-count cotton sheets, for an impossibly smooth touch.

Temperature Regulation: unique cellular structure wicks away and evaporates moisture (i.e., sweat) more rapidly than other fabrics, keeping you dry and at the perfect temperature for uninterrupted, healing non-REM sleep.

Sustainability: vs cotton, our sheets use up to 96% less water, 30% less energy, and ∞% less pesticides (i.e., we don't use any). Beyond our sustainable products, we've donated over $100,000 to charity the last 3 years, utilize zero-plastic packaging, and donate sheet sets to homeless shelters – you could say we give a sheet.

Dreamed Up in Denver

Bottom-left-corner tags, eucalyptus eye masks, and so much more in every box:

✓ Extra deep pockets on fitted sheets
✓ 4" of extra length on flat sheets so your feet never pop out
✓ 11 beautiful colors to choose from
✓A commanding mustache
✓ Softer after every wash
✓ Temperature balancing in both winter and summer
✓ Dermatologist-Recommended
✓ Antimicrobial, Hypoallergenic, Zero Static
✓ No Pesticides or Insecticides
✓ OEKO-TEX® and FKT® Certified
✓ Free shipping and returns with no hard time limit
✓ Plant a tree with your order on us

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Bed With Us

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"I get compliments on how well-rested I look."
"When my ex-husband took our bed with him, I was honestly most upset about losing the S&G sheets."
"The customer service is truly fantastic."
Sheets and Giggles with the Dan Le Batard Show

100,000+ S&G Sleepers Know Their Sheet

"I haven't woken up sweaty once since putting them on my bed." - Rhonda

"I'm getting a set for my parents for Christmas because if I don't, now that I know they exist, I'm a bad person." - Jake

"My husband and I both sleep hot and these sheets have made so much difference. We are sleeping cooler and as a result sleeping better." - Samantha

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Have a hot partner like Ryan does? Don't just stand there! (Well, if you can stand and buy things at the same time, feel free to stand.)

Cool them off with some of our naturally cooling, hyper breathable Eucalyptus sheets.

Sheets & Giggles makes a cool, thoughtful, sustainable gift that says "I love you, I decided."

And if you sleep next to said partner, they're a sneaky gift to yourself, too.
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